Monday, November 19, 2012

Over the Weekend: Family time, the Yarn Nazi, and more granny squares

We had an eventful weekend filled with family time, chick fil a, and a shocking encounter with the Yarn Nazi.

I had a couple yarn shops I wanted to visit over the weekend.  The first had an amazing selection of Yarn, I was in heaven!  The owner asked me if she could help me and I told her I wanted to make a granny square blanket and was wondering the best kind of yarn for that.  She pointed me in the direction of the best yarn and I went searching for the perfect color combinations.

 Micah and E soon came in the store after me.  My sweet little girl was so excited to see all the beautiful colors of yarn, she picked up a little metal trinket that was on a shelf and within mili seconds we hear a voice "those are breakable".  Ooookay-we told Eleni not to touch.  She then found a big basket of yarn, each bundle wrapped in plastic.  She went through picking them up and then here came that voice again "I can't sell them if they are broken, they aren't to be played with".  This is how the rest of the few seconds I had in that shop went down.  I looked at Micah, told him I wasn't going to give this meanie a dime of my money and that we should get out of there.  After leaving I was kicking myself.  I should have said this!  No-I should have said THAT!  ....this is how I wish it would have went down.

Mean Yarn Nazi Lady Owner "Those aren't to be played with!  I can't sell them if they are broken!"
Me: "Well if your yarn is that easily "broken" then I don't want your yarn.  I want good quality yarn and if yours is such poor quality I will take my business elsewhere!"

or Me option #2 , "I'm surprised you sell anything at all with your rudeness!!!!"

or Me option # 3-I grab a handful of yarn and chuck it in her face! hehehe, just kidding ;)

Ok...maybe neither one of those are really good zingers.  Speaking of zingers....I'm really sad hostess shut down...anyways...I digress.  Do you ever feel like Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail"?  Not knowing what to say in the moment when someone is so rude and then later kicking yourself because you have now thought of what could have been the perfect "put them in their place" comment?  I don't know...maybe it's better that I took the so called "high road" and didn't say anything.  But I am still mad at myself for not saying at least something.  What say you on the subject??  Any good zingers I could have said??  Would I have regretted it if I did say something?

Anyways, I ended up going to a different yarn shop with delightful and sweet ladies.  I ended up telling them about my earlier experience with the Yarn Nazi, and they were far too familiar with her.  She said that she hates children and one time she slapped a little girls hand for touching her yarn.  The little girls mom went to the police station to press charges and the officer said "O her-we have a whole file on her".  Yikes!  So steer clear from the Yarn Nazi!....maybe I should write her a letter?  No Carly let it go....let it go....

Oh, E and I also made THESE bad boys.


  1. Love the pictures! I hate mean people, especially directed at my kids. I love all your awesome options.... #3 is my fav! Ha!

  2. I am lol-ing so hard...I seriously had a lady ssshhhh my kids in the freakin grocery store. They were actually being really good too, just giggling too loud for her taste. Another time at church, someone I won't name turned around and ssshhhhed my little Macie (2 at the time) I had all sorts of things planned to say to this person afterward... Oh, don't worry, John reached up and wiped a huge (most disgusting ever) booger on the back of his suit!!!! I was mortified and ended up not saying anything to the poor man. Maybe Micah can go back and visit the yarn lady when he is particularly under the weather ;)

  3., i consider myself a pretty tough, don't take no crap from people kind of a person...but if i get overly ticked off, i kind of freeze and can't think of anything. kind of 'i am so angry i am speechless' kind of a thing. so i probably would have been in the same boat you were. I probably would have been soo mad i would have given her the death glare (which i know i am good at) and left. And then thought about it all day. Now, if she would have slapped the hand of any member of my family, i am pretty sure i would have retaliated with a lot of choice words that i won't type because i know you like to keep your blog PG. In the end, be proud you were the bigger person and left gracefully instead of going all crazy psycho like someone like me would have. however, if you decide you can't let it go, let me know, i'll go back with you to that place, and i will show her some of my liz wrath. i am pretty confident in my ability to tell people where to go.

    1. bahaha Liz! You crack me up! I think we need to plan a trip to the yarn Nazi, hype Eleni up on sugar and let her go crazy and then when the moment comes when the Yarn Nazi strikes we both can go all crazy on her! I think I was speechless-just couldn't believe what was happening when she was being so rude!! I need to prepare before hand apparently for meanie head store owners ;)

  4. I've waited all this time thinking of a good comeback for the mean lady. Still don't have one, so don't feel bad for not being able to think on the spot!

  5. I think your best revenge is not to buy anything there, and it sounds like there are probably lots of people doing the same - although maybe someone should take her a sign to post on her front door "no children allowed"!